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Welcome to my concierge physical therapy practice, where your wellness is my top priority. I believe in the transformative power of one-on-one sessions, tailored exclusively to you. By delving into your unique needs and diligently addressing any deficits, we expedite your journey to recovery. With my undivided attention, we forge a deeper understanding of your condition, allowing us to fine-tune treatment plans and exercises for optimal results. Witness firsthand the benefits of this personalized approach as you achieve heightened mobility, strength, and functionality at an accelerated pace. Beyond physical gains, our personalized interactions foster a therapeutic partnership that empowers and motivates, ensuring not only swift progress but also lasting, comprehensive rehabilitation. Your well-being is my commitment, and together, we'll embark on a path to renewed vitality.

Embracing the digital realm, my online training sessions seamlessly bridge the gap between us, ensuring our connection remains strong even as the need for hands-on training diminishes. Through virtual interactions, I've witnessed how technology can empower you to continue your journey toward wellness. While physical touch may be reduced, our bond remains unwavering as we navigate exercises and strategies that accommodate this new format. These online sessions offer a flexible and convenient way to sustain progress, enabling you to practice and perfect techniques on your own schedule. As we adapt to this dynamic approach, you'll find that the benefits extend beyond the screen, fostering self-reliance and a deeper understanding of your body. Together, we'll leverage the power of online training to maintain the momentum of your rehabilitation and embark on a path of continued growth and strength.


I am excited to announce the latest expansion of my services, encompassing the facilitation of corporate events, a venture prompted by the resounding success of previous endeavors. These exclusive events encompass a range of enriching activities, including invigorating field days, enlightening pop-in treatment sessions, and engaging health talks tailored to workplace postures and exercises. Extensive research underscores the myriad benefits of incorporating exercise "snacks" into the workday, fostering heightened productivity and bolstering overall employee contentment. The field day experience stands as a remarkable choice for an off-site team-building excursion, injecting a refreshing change of scenery into your corporate journey. Meanwhile, the innovative pop-in treatment sessions provide a valuable resource for employees grappling with discomfort, particularly neck, low back, and wrist pain. As we continue to prioritize your employees' well-being and cohesion, these tailored corporate events stand poised to make a lasting impact.


Presently, I am proudly serving as a coach at A5 Pure Volleyball, an esteemed national leader in the realm of volleyball. My passion lies in nurturing the potential of young female athletes, a role I view as pivotal in motivating the upcoming generation to maintain their zest for physical activity and competitive spirit within the sports arena. With a decade of experience in coaching volleyball, I've cultivated a profound appreciation for the mentorship facet inherent to the sport. Beyond team dynamics, I relish the opportunity to offer personalized guidance and am pleased to extend my availability for private sessions. These tailored one-on-one interactions are designed to enhance fundamental skills, encompassing serving mechanics, hitting techniques, and comprehensive footwork, catering to all positions on the court.

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